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I do accept freelance work and commissions for painting, illustration and graphic design project. If you are interested please bear these things in mind.

  • For illustration and painting commission, please make yourself familiar with my work and my style, so that you know what to expect. I work mostly from imagination and photo references, so you will need to provide me with a good quality photo.

  • I will need a good brief of what you have in mind and details of anything specific you want me to incorporate.

  • Prices varied per project and medium. We may discuss your budget idea.

  • I would need a payment of 50% of the agreed total upfront before starting work and the rest plus any shipping costs on completion (for painting).

  • Payment through Paypal prefered.

  • All clients will be kept confidential. If there are any deadlines, please let me know at least one month ahead of the date.

  • I reserve the right to refuse commissions at my discretion. 

I am available for any projects  :

  • Flyer, Poster, Greeting card, Brochure, leaflet.

  • Home Design, Fabric Design, Fashion, Textile.

  • Stationery, Book cover, Children Illustration.

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