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"Daily Visions"- week 2

End of week 2,

"Morning trains" -Day 5 drawings with pencil and Day 6/365 added some colours to it! The idea came up when I took a picture reference of a little boy, I look after in the morning, then while drawing I added some little extras! #dailyvision2023 #arteveryday #dailyartchallenge #visiontrain

Day 7/365, "Hot chocolate" drawing at coffee shop, using watercolour and pencil

"Piano lesson", Day 8 drawing with pencil and Day 9/365 added the colours! I took a reference picture first at the music shop where I brought the afternoon kid to her piano lesson. That one took me two days!! I dedided to challenge myself a bit.

Day 3/365 and Day 4/365, exploring Still life (Nature morte)

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