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Daily Visions - Week 3

Day 13/365, "Vulva drop pattern", I had fun with this little series, it came intuitively just flowing, I was less in my head trying to figuring out what I'm going to draw #dailyvisions2023 #visiontrain #dailypracticeofpainting

Day 12/365, "Vulva drop Moon and stars pattern"

Day 11/365, Seed of life and warm colours

Day 10/365 - "Sacral chakra", Inspire by the idea of entering my moon cycle this week, drawing mandalas, working with shape and form, particular colours and keep playing with watercolour

End of week 3, Day 14 to day 16/365, "Bubble geometry", I've been a bit out of schedule at the weekend. I wanted to take the time to explore that drawing with acrylic paints.

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