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"Daily Visions 2023"

I decided to join the "Daily Visions 2023" experiment this year with a group of artists on "the Vision Train". It means that I have committed to practice art everyday this year! Which is a big challenge for me as I juggle -like lots of people- with my day jobs, daily life etc. I will work with different mediums and different formats and try to post several time during the week.

Day 1/365, "Pommes de Pin"

Day 2/365, "King of the Forest", using pencil, gouache, acrylic paint.

Last year was a bit complicated and very hectic for me and to be honest I had to leave my art on side for a bit and I haven't post much on my Socials.

I decided to create a blog page on my website and create a post every week as summary of my weekly work.

#DailyVisions2023 #VisionTrain

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