About the Artist

My name is Cyrillia aka Cyam Blue. I'm an independent Artist, Illustrator and Designer. I worked part-time as a freelancer for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I'm originally from France, my native country and comes from a mixed heritage (French and Guyanese). I studied Fine art for 2 years between 2001-2003 in Paris and Versailles.

After years working in an unfulfilling job , I took a Graphic design training for a year and graduated in 2010.

I moved to England in 2013. I lived in Bristol for 2 years and start my Art practice as a part-time Illustrator. I studied and practice Reiki, an Energy healing technique and group meditation. 

I currently live in London. I work on personal projects including stationery products and an Oracle-Inspirational card deck.

My work comes from different influences and inspirations between inner visions, dreams, ethereal and natural worlds, metaphysical realities and concepts.

In 2020, I started studying Mischtecknick painting with  Amanda Sage crew online.

Contact me here : bluecyam@gmail.com

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