About the Artist

My name is Cyrillia aka Cyam Blue. I'm an independent Artist, Painter, Illustrator and Designer. I worked part-time for entrepreneurs and a self published author. 


I'm originally from France, my native country and comes from a mixed heritage (French mum/Guyanese dad). I studied Fine art for 2 years between 2001-2003 in Paris and Versailles, learned and graduated in Graphic design 2009-2010.


After years working in an unfulfilling job, I moved to England in 2013. 

I lived in Bristol for 2 years. I started my art practice and doing a bit of freelance illustration. I learned and practice Reiki, Energy healing and group meditation. After that, I settled in London where I'm currently based.


I'm working with a variety of mediums from digital to traditional painting. My work comes from different influences and inspirations between inner visions, dreams, ethereal and natural worlds, metaphysical realities and concepts.

I am currently working on different projects including an Oracle card deck and screen printing clothing.

I'm selling my artworks at local markets and Fairs, my Etsy store.

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